Whitetail spider is a type of giant spider known for its poisonous bite. It is resistant to the Knockback Jinx, but can be killed with Arania Exumai or a Fire-Making Spell.


Whitetail spiders spawn from monster spawners in the Forbidden Forest.


They drop 1 string when killed. They also have a 1⁄3 chance to drop a Acromantula venom.


Whitetail spiders inherit most of their behavior from Acromantulas:

  • Neutral under daylight or in light levels of 9 or above, otherwise they are hostile. However, once they become hostile, light does not affect them.
  • Can climb walls when needed.
  • Attack by leaping at their targeted entity.
  • Are unaffected by cobwebs.
  • Weak against magic wands with Arania Exumai spell.

However, they have some distinctions from Acromantulas:

  • Can fit through a space that is one block wide and ½ block tall.
  • Can go through the spaces between two different types of (unconnected) fences.


Whitetail spiders inflict Poison I upon attacking. The poison lasts for 7 seconds and can cause up to 4 damage.