Acromantula is a type of giant spider with a taste for human flesh. It is resistant to the Knockback Jinx, but can be killed with Arania Exumai or a Fire-Making Spell.


Acromantulas spawn in 3×3×2 space on solid blocks at a light level of 7 or less, in groups of 4.


They drop 1 string and Acromantula venom when killed.


Acromantulas are hostile to the player and to trolls as long as the light level immediately around them is 11 or less; otherwise they won't attack unless a player attacks first. Hostile spiders will continue to chase the player even if they are exposed to well-lit locations. If a spider sustains damage from a source other than a direct attack from the player, such as falling, its hostility will be reset.

Acromantulas can climb up over walls and other obstacles.

If shot from distance with a magic wand when outside detection range, spiders will now turn and run in the direction the spell was cast. If the player moves away, the spider will still follow the same path unless the player enters detection range, then the spider will change direction and attack.

Acromantulas are unaffected by poison.

Acromantula will often jump around when attacking. At close range, spiders occasionally pounce their attackers.

Acromantulas are weak against magic wands with Arania Exumai spell.